Valence modular wallsystem. Combined functional elements add aesthetical value to the interior that is larger then the sum of its parts.



Your own style and needs are the center to any interiorproject with Valence. To guide you on your way designer Sjoerd Jonkers personally curated the Simul sets that fit various styles and needs. When you have found the Simul that matches your project you can always add more elements from the Valence collection.


The Valence wallsystem is completely modular. Every function represents a decorative value. The sum of the parts gives an aesthetical value to the interior. New elements are added to the collection on a regular base. What elements will you use in your project?


The strict geometrical lines of the Valence wallsystem bring a sense of calm to the interior. Usually the interior might become messy when too many functions demand their space. Functionality, color and material are skillfully combined to functional wall-art.



Fast, economical and reduces the carbon footprint. Because of the flat design we can send most of our packages with standard mail. You don’t have to wait for the mailman, save money on transport costs and the transpart is less polluting. Read more about Corporate Social Responsibility.

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You will find that fixing Valence is easy and fast. Simply glue the elements to the wall. And easy to read instruction and handy suggestions on how to make the best use of the various elements can be found here.